My Pink Bathroom

My Pink Bathroom

My bathroom finally revealed

After nine months of living in my new flat I can finally reveal the renovation of my bathroom. A small luxurious space with a pink, white and marble colour scheme that is full of pattern and personality.

As the room measures at only 1.3 x 1.7m I knew that converting this space to a Wet Room was a must in order to create a spacious bathroom within the small space. With this in mind, initially I did not want to install a fixed glass shower screen as it would become an obstruction to the room. However I came across Unishower who offer a range of hinged shower doors. This was the perfect solution for my bathroom as it's practical for stopping the water splashing everywhere and when the shower is not in use the screen can be folded back against the wall to open up the space. The great part is that it has saved me from constant Cinderella moments of getting on my knees to mop up all the water LOL.

I've always wanted an all pink bathroom, but with the space being so small I knew that this was going to have to be scaled back - you know that whole compromise word! Not just for relationships you know. Not that I would know anything about relationships I'm single... Anyway getting back on track - scaling back the pink! I found the pink tile from Walls and Floors in the correct size so that I could have these installed in a Herringbone pattern, providing a statement to the space so that scaling back the colour was no longer an issue. I still wanted to add more interest to the room so I paired the pink tiles with Vena Biana marble effect tiles in the same size as the pink and hung these in a brick pattern as a contrast. Choosing different tiles in the same size allows you to hang them in different patterns whilst ensuring that the grout lines match up at the corners of the room. Yes I need that much perfection in my life! But you know me I don't just stop there, let's add more pattern with a hexagon mosaic tile for the floor. Not only does this look pretty but has it's practical benefits too as all those grout lines provide grip for your bare feet. With it being a wet room the last thing I need is to slip on the wet floor, bang my head on the toilet and be found unconscious after a few days when people realise that I am not answering my WhatsApp #livingaloneproblems

When it came to the vanity unit I knew that I wanted it to be wall hung as this visually makes the room feel bigger, and that it had to have some storage. The wall space that I had to play with was pretty tight and luckily I was able to find one that fit exactly from a local bathroom store. I had seen this tap from Crosswater when I was specifying a client's bathroom and knew that I had to have this sexy little thing in my home too.

When I bought this property the bathroom was the one room that I was most concerned about due to the size of it however, it has now become one of my favourite rooms in the flat and the pink tile has set the tone for the rest of the flat. It may take a little while for the rest of the flat to be done, but do keep an eye out for on my instagram for any updates...

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